Score An All-Year Pass for Films by Winning The Lindsay’s Oscar Contest!

The Lindsay Theater and Cultural Center (formerly The Tull Family Theater) has upped the ante for its annual Oscar contest.

The Theater will screen as many Oscar-nominated films as possible between Friday, Feb. 17, through the Academy Awards Ceremony on Sunday, March 12. This gives patrons plenty of opportunity to watch on the big screen, channel the Academy’s reactions–and increase their odds of winning a pass good for watching films at the Theater for the rest of 2023.

To win big, they’ll have to nail the Best Picture and successfully predict the most winners in all other 23 Oscar categories.

“Competition for the Oscars and our Oscar contest is always fierce, and it’s amazing how closely so many people’s choices align with the Academy’s,” says Carolina Thor, CEO of the nonprofit cultural center. “To celebrate our name change to The Lindsay earlier this year, we’ve decided to extend cinematic privileges to the winner for the rest of the year instead of only one visit. This means if the winner wants to watch a film for free every day, from March 13 to Dec. 31, they can. If the winner would rather binge and spend a whole day in our screening rooms, they can. And if they want to do something in between, well, we’re happy to see them at the Theater!”

Oscar ballots are available only at the Theater, 418 Walnut St., Sewickley, and can be picked up by patrons watching films starting when the first Oscar nominees roll on Friday, Feb. 17. Make your best predictions as to who will take home the statuettes this year, and remember to include your name, email and phone number on the ballot. Ballots (one entry per person, please) must be returned to the Theater by 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 11.

May the region’s sharpest–or luckiest–film buff win! Pass is non-transferable.