Renato Bacchi


Vice president and treasurer of Alcoa Corporation, Renato Bacchi advance the financial expertise of the theater’s governance. Renato also further expands the multi-culturalism on the theater’s Board of Directors, which represents multiple European countries—Ireland, Britain and Finland—Africa, and now, South America.

In more than 20 years of working with Alcoa in different locations, Renato has held various positions, participating in the development of hydroelectric power plants in Brazil, metal sales in Latin America, and corporate financial leadership in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is now responsible for Alcoa’s worldwide risk, cash and capital management as well as commercial banking and credit agency relationships.

Renato holds a Chartered Financial Analyst designation, earned an MBA from ibMec University in Brazil and an electrical engineering degree from Sao Paulo University.

A resident of Sewickley, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children when not traveling the world for Alcoa.