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That heart-skipping moment of sitting in the dark, waiting with everyone else in the theater for the film to unfold on the giant screen is not an experience easily accessible to everyone in our area. The power of film and other arts to challenge and broaden our thinking drives the outreach mission of The Tull Family Theater. If you are interested in connecting people to the arts, we offer plenty of opportunities through the outreach programs listed below. For more information on supporting these efforts or becoming a partner, please contact Dr. Karen Ferrick-Roman, our Director of Communications and Education, karen@thetullfamilytheater.org.

Boys 2 Men

Sponsored by Aliquippa’s Church in the Round, the Boys 2 Men program provides boys, mainly minority students in second to fifth grades, with structured afterschool programs, tutoring and mentoring. Your support would provide transportation and subsidize tickets for a special outing at The Tull Family Theater.

Note to advocates for girls: The church is planning a program for girls of the same age this year, if funding becomes available.

Laughlin Children’s Center

This educational support center serves more than 1,500 families with children, from the age of 2 to high school seniors, via its accredited preschool, tutoring, speech and occupational therapy,  counseling and services for those with dyslexia. Your support would make it possible for those who need low-sensory or adaptive screening to take part in the film theater experience.

Mooncrest Neighborhood Programs

The Felician Sisters saw the need for afterschool programming in this pocket of Moon Township. Though the area is less than 10 minutes from Sewickley, it is isolated by a lack of public transportation and many residents face economic struggles. An increasing number of Spanish-speaking families are joining this diverse community. Your support would provide transportation and subsidize tickets for a special outing at The Tull Family Theater for up to 60 students, kindergarten through eighth grade, and their older student mentors. The screening could emphasize bilingual skills.

Seniors Plus Films

For many of our elders, going to the movies was once an integral part of life, with multiple theaters formerly serving many of our towns. Whether living on their own or in assisted facilities, seniors may find this memory- and thought-provoking art option difficult to attend because of mobility issues, hearing or vision loss, or financial constraints. Your contribution would help to reintroduce the pleasures of film to our senior community by subsidizing tickets, transportation and after-the-film discussions and socialization. We are excited to collaborate with you to target specific groups, whether your interest involves veterans, churches or temples, or specific geographic areas.


The Sewickley YMCA impacts all ages with its programming and would be pleased to share the opportunity for film screening and events at The Tull Family Theater with youngsters, families and seniors in need because of economic or mobility issues. Your contribution would subsidize tickets and make transportation possible for these targeted groups.

Just for You

Are you interested in animal welfare or human relationships with animals? Do you care about health education and issues, from memory studies to our deadly drug abuse epidemic? Is your focus global, like climate change and social justice? Do you want to know more about different religions? Or would you rather be the encyclopedic font of sports or a certain part of the world?  We are happy to explore with you the possibilities for sponsoring a special interest series.

Film Festival Prospects

Does your organization train or support filmmakers? Are you looking for a new venue and a way to extend your audience reach? Talk with us about possibilities for initiating or hosting a film festival—international or regional, professionals or students—at The Tull Family Theater.

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