Open Caption Wednesdays

The Theater made Pennsylvania cinematic history in 2021, becoming the first theater in the state to offer captions on screen for a full day each week and for every film being shown.

Open captioning is available in most new releases, with the exception of independent titles that might not have the budget to embed the technology.

Open Caption Wednesdays is an ideal way to improve the cinematic experience for those who are hard-of-hearing, deaf, non-native speakers or simply don’t want to miss a single word. 

While Assistive Listening Devices for the hard-of-hearing and Audio Description devices for the visually impaired remain free and available daily, Open Caption Wednesdays leap beyond ADA requirements to create an even stronger communal experience. 

Why is this important to our audiences? Auditory issues affect all ages, yet the National Institute on Aging reports that one in three adults between the ages of 65 and 74 has hearing loss and nearly half of those 75 or older have difficulty hearing—even if they don’t admit it. Census data shows the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area is home to nearly 475,00 people over age 65—a greater percentage of elders per capita than both the state (10% higher) and the nation (25% higher). 

We hope Open Caption Wednesdays help our audiences to enjoy the experience of movies all the more!