This nonprofit was built through the contributions of thousands of individuals who value the arts as a way to build and engage communities, welcoming those of different cognitive and physical abilities, and appealing to all ages. The Lindsay not only supports local filmmakers and collaborates with student and professional film festivals, but hosts live music, dance and theatrical performances–all with the goal of encouraging participation in the arts in suburban and rural regions outside the metro core, including isolated low-wealth individuals and neighborhoods that are often provided free tickets and transportation.

To advance these aspirations, the Theater relies on the leadership and generosity of 100+ families who pledged multi-year, unrestricted gifts. They form the Sustaining Circle, and many of these donors take pride in coming to The Lindsay and seeing first-hand how the Theater brings joy and fosters community spirit. The Theater and its beneficiaries deeply appreciate their vision and kindness. With profound gratitude, the Theater thanks the following donors for establishing this regional cultural asset for years to come:


Anonymous Donor


Sandra and Renato Bacchi

Betsy and John Baun

Gail and David Becker

Shelly McQuone and Jeb Blaugrund

Marie and Peter J. Borstelmann

James P. Bouchard

Leslie and Matthew Braksick

W.S. and Beth Brown

The Busatto Family


Susan and Mark Cox


The DiAndreth Family

Carol and Brian Duggan


Amy and Scott Elste


Karen Fadzen

Jeff and Liz Fecko

Suzanne and Peter Friday

Judy and Mark Fritzges

Eric and Patricia Fulmer


Patrick Gallagher


Jim and Marnie Haines

Franco and Dok Harris

The Huddleston Family


Kate and Brian Jeffe

Laurie and Rick Johnson

Ellen and Greg Jordan


Susan and Greg Kaminski

Nicole and Patrick Keane

Julie and Juergen Kloo

Susie and Bob Kopf


Nathalie and Mario Lemieux


MC Endo, LLC

The McClain Family

Eileen and Thomas McConomy


Lisa Gordon and Marty O’Brien

Tringa and Scott O’Hara

Celine and Paul O’Neill Jr.

Nancy and Paul O’Neill Sr.

Sylvia Dallas and John Oliver


Marguerite and Kevin Park

Lisa and Dennis Pegden

Joan and Bob Peirce

The Pereira Family


Jane Raymond

The Regueiro Family

Linda and Bill Roemer

Michele and Sean Rollman

Julie and Patrick Rooney

Kim and Tony Rosenberger


Kristin Hannibal and Rick Saladino

Doe and Tom Samuels

Carol and Gary Schurman

Christa and David Sculley

Amy and Sean Sebastian

Carol and George Shannon

Neill and Alex Simakas and Family

Shalu and Satbir Singh

Yaso and Will Snyder

Peggy Standish

Anne Foulkes and Paul Steliotes

Patricia and Hayes Stover

Maria and Joel Swanson


Gunjan Kedia and Sridhar Tayur

Judith and Steve Thomas

Carolina and David Thor

The Tippins Foundation


Carmela and Salvatore Volpe


Suzanne and Jeff Watters

Mary and Richard Weber

Erika and Helge Wehmeier


Deb and Mark Zappala