Consciousness Expansion


Genre: Documentary

Duration: 80

This 1 hour, 20 minute documentary by the artist known as tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (“tENT,” for short), includes footage of his addition expanding his music room as the background for his live musical performance, along with seasoned musicians Eric Lipsky (cello/percussion), Ben Opie (alto sax/percussion) and Devin Sherman (guitar/percussion).

Instead of considering the work a documentary with a live score, tENT calls the result a “Score Movie.”

He explains: “Each action of building and finishing the addition became associated with a musical term, usually expression markings that somehow parallel the physical activity depicted. I also composed short musical motifs to be used as ‘building blocks.’ Most of these instructions appear in the movie so that the audience can follow along” in the 10th Score Movie he’s made in 40 years.

Now entering his seventh decade, tENT began studying piano and art at age 6, playing guitar and harmonica at age 16, and dipped into violin at age 18. Four years later, he made his first film and has since produced 713 more. An improviser, generally playing electronics, keyboards, percussion string instruments, he basks in detail and is not a fan of such oversimplification of his projects.